Vision Statement: The vision for the music and worship ministry, as well as other arts in the church, is best understood in Psalm 33, which reads, “Sing to the Lord a new song; play skillfully with a shout of joy.” We believe that the arts exist for the glory of the Creator God. Our desire is to be both creative (...a new song...), and excellent ( skillfully...), and to pursue these in the praise of God through a comprehensive music and worship ministry. It is a commitment to both drawing on tradition and innovation, using what is excellent music in all styles appropriately and wisely, and developing a sense of transcendence in the lives and experiences of the worshipers. It is to His glory and His alone that these ends are focused.

Statement of Philosophy: It is the testimony of Scripture and church history that music and the arts have accompanied, amplified, facilitated, and encouraged true experiences with the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who are involved in this ministry have four major philosophical objectives:

Theological Soundness: Like the preachers and the teachers, our musicians, technicians, and artists are involved in communication of spiritual truth. Consequently, we must consistently seek to ensure theological soundness in the texts of our music and scripts. We then seek to improve skills and methods of communicating this truth to all who can and will hear.

Artistic Integrity: Music and drama are arts. As in other arts, there are principles governing the expression of thought and emotion. Christian artists must constantly make value judgments about the style, quality, and purpose of specific expressions. The second objective is a consistent standard of artistic integrity based on excellence. We acknowledge the legitimate use of all styles of music and other arts, and strive for their proper use. While admitting and thanking God that He uses any expression or performance He chooses for His glory, we, nevertheless, strive for excellence in choosing, rehearsing, applying, performing, and dedicating the arts for His use.

Christian Character: We uphold the standards of Christian character in the expression of all of our gifts for God's glory. These standards are defined as the fruit of the Spirit. We also recognize that we serve the Creator God, and that God is the sole object of our worship.

Community: We recognize that we serve in a community of believers, and that our lives are inexorably intertwined in Him. The analogy of a body best describes our commitment and reliance on one another. We serve together in ministry. We seek to demonstrate the beauty of relationships as described in Psalms 34:3, Glorify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.