Zoom Helps

For Users

When you sign in, please check that your microphone is muted so as not to disrupt the current meeting.

Try not to talk over each other, use the chat feature to ask questions. When more than one participant talks, conversations are often lost entirely.

Please close any unnecessary applications on your computer as that can delay or interrupt your video or audio.

Note that zoom backgrounds can potentially cause delays or interruptions in video or audio. Consider not using them in large meetings.

Consider turning your camera off if you need to move to another location, as the extra movement on the camera can be distracting to your coworkers.

For important meetings ensure other household members aren’t using the available bandwidth which can negatively impact your zoom experience.

If you would like to know more about using Zoom, please take a look at these resources, videos, even virtual trainings that will help us all make the most of our meetings.

Zoom Education Resources: https://zoom.us/docs/en-us/covid19.html

Instructions for downloading Zoom

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